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Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives: The Australian National Oral Health Plan 2015-2024 has been prepared by the Oral Health Monitoring Group, a subcommittee of the Community Care and Population Health Principal Committee which reports through the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council to the COAG Health Council. The goal of Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives: is to improve health and wellbeing across the Australian population by improving oral health status and reducing the burden of poor oral health.

Preparation of the National Oral Health Plan has been the work of expert groups and individuals including leading clinicians, policy makers, peak consumer bodies, members of non-government organisations and other health organisations. The National Oral Health Plan outlines guiding principles that will underpin Australia's oral health system and provides national strategic direction including targeted strategies in six Foundation Areas. Action across the six Foundation Areas will provide a sound basis for improving oral health for the majority of Australians. These Foundation Areas are:

  • Oral health promotion: Many aspects of oral disease are preventable and there are a range of effective oral health promotion strategies that can be implemented to reduce the occurrence and impact of oral disease.
  • Access: The ability to obtain oral health care when needed is central to the performance of the oral health system.
  • Systems alignment and integration: National leadership is required to guide and inform the development, implementation and evaluation of oral health policy and programs, and to oversee the integration of oral health and general health programs across sectors, jurisdictions and delivery settings.
  • Safety and quality: Oral health services in Australia are of a high quality, however there are opportunities to improve the safety and quality of the system.
  • Workforce: Fundamental to implementing the National Oral Health Plan is a workforce that has the capacity to meet the community's needs for prevention and treatment of poor oral health, both now and in the future.
  • Research and evaluation: A structured and coordinated research and evaluation program is required to inform the development of appropriate, effective and sustainable oral health services. The development of a national oral health research strategy and a commitment to regular collection of population-level oral health data is essential.
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[Foundation Area 6 Goal:] Appropriate and timely data is available at both the population and service level for planning, monitoring and evaluation.

SuperToothNDK Inc has responded to the Australia's National Oral Health Plan 2015–2024 [Foundation Area 6 - Research and evaluation] with the development of a nationally available database - accessable via a simple web based interface - and freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

We envisage the system as a good fit within the My Health Record space but believe there are any number of appropriate servers where the site could be hosted. The system keeps a snap shot and history of a patients dental status as of their most recent dental appointment. (This implies that the system is maintained by dentists). It should be noted that as the system is available via the web it will "follow a patient" should that patient move to a different local.

While ensuring the privacy or all citizens, It can be seen that as data is built within the system, analysis of the dental health of all Australians becomes a simple reporting task.

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