The Tooth Fairy Project
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Since we were children ourselves we've heard the tooth fairy fable: when a child loses a tooth they place it under their pillow and wake up to find the tooth exchanged for a prize such as a coin or dollar bill. SuperToothNDK borrows the tale but replaces the tooth fairy with The Australian Synchrotron.

The Australian Synchrotron is a light source facility (in contrast to a collider), which uses particle accelerators to produce a beam of high energy electrons that are boosted to nearly the speed of light and directed into a storage ring where they circulate for many hours. As the path of these electrons are deflected in the storage ring by either bending magnets or insertion devices, they emit synchrotron light. The light is channelled to experimental endstations containing specialised equipment, enabling a range of research applications including high resolution imagery that is not possible under normal laboratory conditions.

Using the Tooth Fairy imagery, SuperToothNDK asks parents, children and schools in different communities to help further research using the Australian Synchrotron and 3D X-ray tomography. By connecting with primary schools and asking parents of 9-12 year old children to collect the baby molar back teeth that fall out, the Tooth Fairy project can measure the pits and fissures where 80% of all decay develops. We are planning a device to add many teeth at once to the robotic arm of the Australian synchrotron in the hope of finding why some individuals have no faults in their teeth while others do.

We ask that parents place your childs baby tooth in a standard size envelope with each child's first name, date of birth, birth post code and current post code and mail them to SuperToothNDK so that we may further our research.

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